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Accu-Chek Softclix 200 Lancets

SAR 95.00
In stock
To Get A Blood Sample To Measure The Blood Glucose Level
Product Description: Roche is a pioneer in manufacturing healthcare products with extreme proficiency. Roche’s Accu-Chek Sofclix Lancet 200 pcs product is an absolute must-have in your medical kit to monitor your blood sugar level at regular intervals. A comfortable dial feature offers 11 different types of depth-level settings to suit all skin types. The lancets are sterilized to ensure no bacterial infection occurs on the skin after testing. An effortless penetration into the skin is due to beveled 28-gauge. The product has a superior piercing feature minimizing the pain and causes less harm to the skin. The lancets are portable and can be carried with you anywhere you go. The design of the lancet is easy to hold and use, causing no damage to the product. The product is used for medical purposes due to its surgical absorbent feature. The sharpness of the needle prevents the tearing of the skin tissue and allows the blood to flow out smoothly. This product is convenient to use and helps you to keep track of your sugar level regularly. Diabetic patients with type1 or type2 diabetes can use these lancets without any variations to their health. The collection of blood samples is no longer a tedious task, rather sit in the comfort of your home and check your blood sugar level. A user-friendly manual comes along with the product for your use. Product Features: A unique technology is used to design the lancet to reduce pain while testing blood sugar level This product is suitable for all skin types Effortless pricking ensures smoother entry into the skin The lancets have 11 customizable depth settings The product comes in a compact cardboard box with 200 lancets How to use: Firstly ensure your hands and fingers are clean and dry Remove one lancet and carefully take off the protective cap Prick your finger using the device and remove a few drops of blood Now place the drop of blood on the strip and wait for few seconds The meter will read your blood sugar level and display it in a few seconds After use, discard the used lancet and do not reuse it Caution & Warnings: The product is for external use only Keep out of reach of children Store the lancets in a cool and dry place Do not expose the product to direct sunlight and moisture Do not use the lancet if the protective cap is missing Ensure to dispose of the used lancet and do not reuse the used lancet Check the expiry date before purchasing the product Keep the product away from flame or heat as there’s a risk of fire being caught
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