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Dressing & Swabs

19 Items

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  1. Alcohol Medical Swab Focus 200 Pieces

  2. Alcohol Swab Arw 100 Pcs

  3. Cotton Roll Egypt Focus 1000Gm

  4. Cotton Roll Egypt Focus 100Gm

  5. Cotton Roll Egypt Focus 50Gm

  6. Easifix White Bandage 10×4.5Cm

  7. Easifix White Bandage 5×4.5Cm

  8. Egyptian Gauze Roll Focus 10Cm

  9. Egyptian Gauze Roll Focus 15Cm

  10. Egyptian Gauze Roll Focus 7Cm

  11. Gauze Swabs 2×2Cm

  12. Gauze Swabs 4×4Cm

  13. Leukomed T Plud Adhesive Pads 10×20Cm

  14. Leukomed T Plud Adhesive Pads 7.2×5Cm

  15. Leukomed T Plud Adhesive Pads 8×10Cm

  16. Leukomed T Plud Adhesive Pads 8×15Cm

  17. Nexcare Instant Cold Pack

  18. Nexcare Tegaderm+Pad Dressing 5 Sterile Pcs

  19. Pharmatull Dressing Gauze 10×10Cm

19 Items

per page