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Canderel Sucralose Sweetener Dispenser, 100 Tablets (Pack Of 1)

Special Price SAR 16.80 Regular Price SAR 21.00
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Ideal for cooking and baking Sucralose is highly heated stable which means you can cook and bake with it without any loss in sweetness

It can be used for making a wide variety of preparations hot and cold beverages mithais desserts cakes etc

Canderel is a sweetener that is used by thousands of people across the world who want a delicious alternative to sugar. It is #1 sweetener brand in Europe and South Africa. It is produced using a blend of ingredients, but its main sweetening ingredient is aspartame, Sucralose or Stevia. Chose the one that suits you most. At Canderel, we believe having a healthy diet is essential even with our busy lifestyles and the choices we make for our body should be smart ones. We also think every day is still about enjoying what we like and feeling good about ourselves. Therefore we endeavour to offer a range of products that can help combine a great taste and a balanced diet in a convenient way, for every occasion.
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