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Royal 5000-20 Drinkable Ampoules 10ml

SAR 300.00
In stock

Product Description: 

  • MARNYS® Royal Jelly 5000, Enjoy extra energy for special Performance all the time.
  • MARNYS® Royal Jelly 5000 provides the necessary energy intake for individuals with intense physical or work activity, during stressful or convalescence periods, hormone disorders and nutritional decompensations.
  • Presented in a handy and practical drinkable vial, MARNYS® Royal Jelly 5000 contains Royal Jelly, Bee Pollen, and purified Propolis. MARNYS® Royal Jelly 5000 is the only product in the market that contains 3850 mg of Royal Jelly.
  • The synergic action of its formula provides extra energy for the correct metabolic functioning, improving the physical and mental state.

Product Features: 

  • Pure Royal Jelly is a substance with a high nutritional value which intervention has been proven in the processes of immunomodulation, hormone regulation and neurogenesis.
  • Bee Pollen contains a big variety of biologically active substances: Proteins, amino acids, carbohydrates, lipids and fatty acids, phenolic compounds, enzymes and coenzymes, as well as vitamins and chemical elements.
  • Phenolic compounds and flavonoids have the antioxidant capacity and their benefits for the cardiovascular, hepatic and musculoskeletal systems have been demonstrated.
  • Purified Propolis Is a natural mixture produced by bees, buds, and exudates.
  • Propolis contains twelve types of flavonoids, the main ones being Galangin, Pinocembrin, and Catechin.
  • The combined action of these compounds contributes to the immunomodulatory effect, anti-inflammatory effect, and facilitates metabolic processes.

How to use:

  • 1 vial a day before breakfast.

Caution & Warnings:

  • Consult the physician or the pharmacist before using this product, for patients who are suffering from asthma.
  • Do not use in case of patients who are allergic to pollen.
  • Shake well before use. 
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