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Rexofil 5 Mg 30 Tablets

In stock
treats diseases that fall within the category of urinary and reproductive tract diseases
The price of Rexofil is available in different concentrations and brand names as follows: Rexofil 5 mg, Rexofil 20 mg. It is classified as a phosphodiesterase 5 enzyme inhibitor and treats diseases that fall within the category of urinary and reproductive tract diseases. The active substance in Rexofil is Tadalafil, a substance that helps the flow of urine. blood in men, as the drug works by secreting nitric oxide from the body and relaxing and expanding muscles, which increases blood flow naturally. Can Rexofil be used by women who suffer from dysfunctional relationships? The reasons for using Rexofil Treating problems in men. Treating the symptoms of an enlarged prostate. Treats pulmonary arterial hypertension. Rexofil for women It has been proven that the drug treats some cases of women already, especially those who used antidepressants for more than two years and affected them in this regard. Contraindications for the use of Rexofil It is forbidden to take Rexofil without consulting the specialist doctor in some cases that we will mention otherwise, so the drug can be taken without a prescription, and the cases are: Hypersensitivity to the components of the drug. It is forbidden to take medicine for heart patients. It is forbidden to take the medicine for patients with irregular heartbeat. Stop the medicine if a drop in blood pressure occurs. In the case of pulmonary hypertension. In the event of a pulmonary embolism. In the event of high blood pressure, stop the medication. It is forbidden for those who have had a stroke or angina pectoris. Rexofil side effects There are some side effects that accompany taking the drug, especially since the effect of the drug is not consistent for all people. For example, the drug may raise the pressure of one person and Rexofil lower the pressure in another person. Here, the drug must be stopped and the search for an alternative with another substance. The normal side effects of the drug are as follows: Headache. Nausea. Back pain. Vision disturbance and confusion. Indigestion. muscle pain; Finally, the face turns red. All these symptoms are normal for taking this kind of medicine. Serious symptoms If any of the symptoms that we will mention occur, you should immediately stop taking the medicine and see a doctor. sweating Nausea. Tinnitus. hearing loss. vision loss Continuing ** for more than four hours and accompanied by pain. Precautions while taking Rexofil The drug is taken with caution in some cases in which it is advised to use the drug fairly and with caution, namely: In women during pregnancy and lactation. Retinal infections. vision loss Anemia or sickle cell anemia. Health problems affecting the relationship. Take this medicine with caution if you have Peyronie's disease. in the event of bleeding. In cases of renal failure and cirrhosis of the liver
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