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Famodar 20 Mg 30 Tablets

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What are the uses of Famodar? Duodenal ulcer. Gastric ulcer. Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD).
What are the uses of Famodar? Duodenal ulcer. Gastric ulcer. Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). Conditions characterized by hypersecretion of the stomach, such as Zollinger-Ellison syndrome. erosive esophagitis. Reducing the symptoms of heartburn and indigestion. Famotidine and Corona Some studies conducted on a number of patients infected with Coronavirus (COVID-19) who took famotidine regularly reported that the severity of the symptoms of the disease decreased significantly than others, and the rate of recovery and discharge from the hospital increased. However, until now , the US Food and Drug Administration has not approved famotidine as part of the protocol for treating coronavirus infection, as the matter is still under study and experiment. What are the contraindications of Famodar ? It is forbidden to use the drug without consulting a specialist doctor in the following cases: Hypersensitivity to any of the ingredients. What are the side effects of Famodar? In general, side effects of treatment are rare . Common side effects: a headache. vertigo. diarrhea or constipation What are the other precautions for Famodar? Use with caution under the supervision of a doctor in the following cases : Infectious cancer, stomach tumors may cause pain similar to GERD or gastritis, and the patient may feel an improvement in symptoms after taking the treatment, which delays the diagnosis process; Therefore, examinations must be carried out to exclude the presence of any tumor before starting treatment. Patients with arrhythmias or those taking treatments that affect the QT interval, the use of the drug may (rarely) cause arrhythmias (a longer QT interval than normal on the electrocardiogram), so it should be used with caution in these patients. cases. Renal impairment or severe impairment, some patients may require dose adjustment. liver patients. Famotidine and pregnancy Pregnancy, current studies did not show any harm to the fetus, so the doctor should be consulted before taking the treatment if the patient is pregnant or planning to become pregnant, and not use it unless necessary. Breastfeeding , the remedy is excreted in the breast milk of a nursing mother. It is advised to be cautious and not to use it except after consulting a doctor or pharmacist. What are the drug interactions with Famodar? It is preferable to tell the doctor or pharmacist about all medications, herbs, vitamins, and nutritional supplements before starting treatment. It is recommended not to concomitantly with the following drugs: atazanavir. Dapsone. digoxin; itraconazole; ketoconazole; nimodipine; ampicillin. cefpodoxime. cefuroxime. clopram iron . Famotidine may reduce the absorption of some drugs that require an acidic medium for optimal absorption. If you take any of the above medicines, tell your doctor or pharmacist, as you may need to adjust the dose or perform certain tests. What is Famodar and how is it used? famotidine before eating It is preferable to take famotidine tablets about half an hour before meals, or before going to bed at night if the dose is one tablet per day. Usual dose: 20 mg every 12 hours, reduced to 20 mg at bedtime. Pills : given with or without food, and if stomach upset occurs, taken with food, and taken at bedtime if given once a day. Solution : Shake it well before use and take it if the patient is unable to swallow the tablets. What are the dosage forms of famodar? Tablets: (40 mg, 20 mg) What are the storage conditions for Famodar? Store the remedy away from moisture, at room temperature (25°C). How to use Famodar This medicine affects your thinking, so you should be careful when driving. This drug is part of the treatment, which must be accompanied by a change in the diet and exercise. Usually, heartburn may be mixed with the first symptom of a heart attack, so if heartburn is accompanied by chest pain and this pain spreads to the arm and shoulder, here you should see a doctor. Tell your doctor if your symptoms do not improve within 6 weeks . The doctor should be told if the symptoms of the disease return after the end of treatmen
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