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Product Description: Canesten Sensicare Care Intimate Soothing Gel is an intimate wash for external use, specially designed for hygiene and protection of the intimate area. Many women suffer from intimate area flora imbalance, which may increase acidity in the intimate area and cause discomfort and itching. Sensicare Calm helps restore the natural balance in the intimate area by neutralizing overly acidic PH and soothing discomfort. Help soothe your sensitive intimate area during times of discomfort Avoid further irritation that regular perfumed shower gels may cause Contains glycine, an amino acid known for its calming properties Keep you feeling comfortable and fresh for 12 hours Soothes, refreshes and protects the natural equilibrium of intimate area Hypoallergenic & Gynecologically tested Provides 12 hours comfort and fresh feeling Free from harsh chemicals, like soap, preservatives and colorants Dermatologically and gynecologists tested How to use: Use as you would use soap or shower gel: dilute with a little water, apply by hand or with a clean sponge, and cleanse the whole intimate area. Afterwards, rinse off thoroughly with water. Caution & Warnings: For external use only. A valid prescription should be available upon delivery
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