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Canesten 0.5 Gm 1 Vaginal Tablet

SAR 17.95
In stock

A valid medical prescription is required to dispense this medication

is a great choice for those who are looking for a quick and effective way to treat the vaginal yeast infection.

Product Description Canesten Vaginal Tablets is a great choice for those who are looking for a quick and effective way to treat vaginal yeast infection

The active ingredient in Canesten Vaginal Tablets with Applicator is the powerful anti-fungal agent Clotrimazole Priorin LiquidPriorin Liquid To apply, pull out the plunger of the applicator until it stops. The vaginal tablet should be placed in the applicator so that its rounded end protrudes about halfway out of the applicator.

Squeeze the round tip of the applicator on both sides with your fingers.

Gently push the applicator with the tablet as deeply as possible into your vagina (best done while lying on your back).

Slowly push the plunger until it stops.

Remove the applicator. The vaginal tablet can also be inserted without the applicator

What is Canesten? Canesten 1-Day Treatment vaginal tablet is a medicine for vaginal thrush (vaginal candidiasis).

The active ingredient of this medication, clotrimazole, stops the growth and spread of fungal cells and is used to treat infectious discharge caused by yeasts, vaginitis caused by fungi, as well as certain infections.

What is Thrush? Thrush is a common vaginal yeast infection and a type of vaginitis - an inflammation of the vagina that around 75% of women will experience at least once in their lives. Both fungus and bacteria naturally occur in the vagina, but when the balance of fungus increases,

it can cause thrush and symptoms such as itchiness, soreness, swelling, discharge, and pain during urination and sex.

* Canesten Application Inserting the vaginal tablet is designed to be comfortable and can easily be inserted into the vagina with the applicator. This medication is easily inserted into the vagina and will effectively treat your internal infection with a daily dose for a week.

Carry out the treatment in the evening by inserting the vaginal tablet as described as deeply into the vagina as possible unless otherwise prescribed by your doctor.

* How to Prevent Thrush If you suffer from recurrent thrush, there are a few changes you can make to improve your lifestyle which may help prevent thrush from coming back.

Avoid using perfumed products and deodorants in and around your intimate areas, wash and wipe from front to back after going to the toilet, avoid hot baths, and change your underwear after swimming and working out.

* Features and benefits Canesten Vaginal Tablets contain the active ingredient Clotrimazole which is a broad-spectrum antimycotic with fungicidal properties Medicated vaginal treatment that is effective against infections such as vaginal thrush Apply the vaginal tablet contained in the applicator deeply into the vagina, preferably at bedtime One-day treatment is usually sufficient to treat infections

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