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Acti-Lance Diabetic Lancets Universal 28 G 100 Pieces

SAR 80.00
In stock
Needles to get a blood sample to measure the blood glucose level
Product Features: Each device is sterilized to avoid infection. The device is meant for a single-use. The lancet device is designed ergonomically to provide stability to the user. The device is easy and can be used by anyone. The needle is extremely thin, making the blood extraction process virtually pain-free. The thin needle enables the device to be safe for usage, even on babies and children. The device does not demand a medical professional. The protective cap in each lancing device assures sterilized usage. The device is light and travel-friendly. How to use: Sanitize your hands by rinsing it in warm water with soap and pat dry. Remove the sterility cap by twisting it one-quarter turn and pull. To extract blood, use the index finger, middle finger, and thumb to hold the lancing device. Place the lancing device on the side of the finger to puncture. Press the release button using the thumb finger. Remove the device away from the finger. Massage near the puncture area towards the fingertip and exert pressure slightly to encourage the formation of a blood drop. Place this drop on a test strip attached to the monitor to know the blood glucose reading. Caution & Warnings: Do not use the device as a diagnostic test. Do not the product more than once. Avoid placing it below heavyweights. Avoid applying unnecessary pressure while extracting the sample. Store the product away from sunlight in a cool, dry place. Keep the product away from the reach of children. Discard the lancet device used in a surgical bin to promote surgical disposal and recycling.
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