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Banat Tooth Brush Dunaform Soft

SAR 18.00
In stock

Banat Cardent Soft Toothbrush:

is used for teeth during orthodontic installation, as it effectively cleans the teeth around the braces.

The Banat Cardent toothbrush is characterized by the fact that it contains cut-out bristles that provide much easier and more effective dental cleaning around braces.

Having a flexible brushing helps prevent neck damage by reducing pressure on the teeth and gums during brushing.

The presence of rubber covering the handle prevents slipping and provides effective and easy cleaning of the teeth.

You should brush your teeth well two to three times after eating and before going to sleep in order to protect them from the formation of plaque or food residues so that tooth decay or a change in the smell of the mouth does not occur.

:Teeth are brushed as follows

Place the toothbrush at a 45-degree angle to the gums.

Put a small amount of paste on the brush.

Brush the upper teeth from top to bottom and the bottom teeth from bottom to top with a light circular motion.

Brush the surface of the teeth from the top so that food remains do not stick to them.

Repeat brushing your teeth for one minute only.

Rinse well with water.

:Warnings and precautions

Wash the toothbrush well after use and leave it in an inclined position until it dries.

Change the brush approximately in a period of about 3 months when it is damaged.

Do not use this brush for an age of less than 6 years.

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