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Megatone Syrup 227 Ml

SAR 189.75
In stock
Food Supplement
Product Description: Megatone with its unique formula of marine sourced omega-3 acids, with a concentration of 1000 mg, in addition to vitamin D, zinc and magnesium are among the most important supplements that must be available for all family members Megatone is very important for children to raise immunity, develop their mental capabilities, and increase their ability to communicate, perception, and visual vitality. Megatone is used to help overcome delayed speech and hyperactivity Daily consumption of 5 ml of Megatone during pregnancy and lactation contributes to the normal development of the brain and the visual sense of the fetus and the infant. Daily consumption of Megatone in an amount of 5 ml during pregnancy and lactation contributes in the maintenance of the normal function of the heart and brain Daily consumption of 5 ml of Megatone during pregnancy and lactation contributes to maintaining normal levels of triglycerides in the blood. Product Features: Palatable taste with mango and peach flavor Boosts immunity For the treatment of learning difficulty For delayed speaking For autism and ADHD How to use: For adults take 10 ml once daily. For children take 5ml once daily . Shake well before use . can be taken straight or mixed with juice or yogurt . Caution & Warnings: Consumed daily amount of collagen should not exceed 10 gm per day . The usage over 40 mg /day of xylitol may cause diarrhea .
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Is paracetamol safe during pregnancy?
Paracetamol is the first choice of painkiller if you're pregnant. It is commonly taken during pregnancy and does not harm your baby.