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Kidivit Multivitamins Syrup 150 Ml

SAR 69.00
In stock
syrup with 15 multivitamins & minerals.
Product Description: KidiVit is aconcentrated syrup with 15 multivitamins & minerals. KidiVit provides comprehensive childcare with all vitamins & minerals needed for their growth & development. KidiVit improves cognitive function during childhood. KidiVit increases growth and promotes weight gain among young children. KidiVit is essential for the optimum performance of immune system. KidiVit increases your child appetite. Made in Italy with high quality standards. Delicious natural orange flavor. How to use: Shake the bottle well before opening. Children (3-8 years): 2.5 ml once daily after a meal. Children (9-14 years): 5 ml once daily after a meal. Use the measured cap to take the dose. Caution & Warnings: Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Store in a cool, dry place, at temperature below 25C. Don't use the product after 3 months from opening. Ingredients: Every 2.5 ml contains : Vitamin C 100 mg Vitamin E 7.5 mg Vitamin B3 5 mg Vitamin B5 5 mg Zinc 3.5 mg Vitamin B6 1mg Vitamin B1 .75 mg Vitamin B2 .5 mg Vitamin A 300 mcg Folic Acid 100 mcg Copper 100 mcg Biotin 50 mcg Iodine 25 mcg Vitamin D3 12.5 mcg Vitamin B12 5 mcg
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