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Lactofair Powder 20 Sachets

SAR 120.75
In stock

Supplement contain natural nutrients for nursing mothers during lactation periods


 Dark barley malt extract 5050 mg

  Barley beta   D-glucan 200 mg

 Melissa officinalis extract 80 mg  

   Origanum vulgare extract 6 mg                        

A food supplement powder that contains natural nutritional ingredients for nursing mothers throughout the lactation period

A 100% natural product that helps to produce milk for nursing mothers

Without body odor

Resists postpartum depression

Helps speed up wound healing after childbirth

Facilitates bowel movement and the health of the digestive system and prevents constipation

Multiple flavors (caramel - vanilla)

Usage instructions:

It is used from 1-2 sachets per day, dissolved in water or milk and drunk.

Warnings and Precautions:

Allergy to any of the components


If you start breastfeeding, you are doing what is best for you and your baby.

 But try not to worry unless it comes naturally at first.

Many mothers need practice and perseverance to master breastfeeding.

       Is it true that breastfeeding is best?

Yes, breast milk is the best food for your baby.

Ask any health expert, and you'll get the same answer:

 The best way to feed a baby is to breastfeed.

Breast milk is considered a complete food because it contains no less than 400 nutrients, including hormones and disease-fighting compounds that formula milk lacks.

 It is worth noting that breast milk is compatible with the needs of a growing and developing child. Feeding your baby exclusively breast milk for six months (exclusive breastfeeding)

Very useful for him.

 It may improve your child's cognitive development.

So, breastfeeding may make your child smarter.

Diseases of children who are exclusively breastfed from birth decrease during the first year of life.

Breastfeeding may help your child fight diseases such as:

Intestinal infections

Pneumonia and bronchitis

Ear infections.

  In the long term, breastfeeding may help your baby stay healthy.


Studies comparing adults who were breastfed as a child and those who were formula-fed have shown that those who were breastfed:

had lower blood pressure

lower cholesterol levels

were less likely to be obese

were less likely to develop disease Type 2 diabetes Breastfeeding is also good for you and can help you lose weight. In the long term, they also help:

lower your risk of breast cancer

protect you against ovarian cancer before menopause

lower your odds of developing type 2 diabetes

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