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Fabi Milk (2) Baby Milk 900 gm

Special Price SAR 92.27 Regular Price SAR 99.75
In stock

Nutritional supplement milk for the growth follow-up stage for children from the age of 6 months to 12 months


Product Description:

Formula milk for infants for the follow-up of lactation derived from cow's milk

Provides all the nutritional needs of children in the weaning stage from 6 to 12 months by providing the basic nutrients to complete the child's diet during Weaning (ensures a balanced diet and strong immunity during the weaning period)

How to use:

Add one measure to (30) ml of previously boiled warm water.



Rich in alpha-albumin (alpha-protein) a protein similar to breastmilk protein - fortified with iron, calcium, prebiotics (FOS) and omega (3 and 6) from a plant source (to protect your baby from allergies)

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