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Calmofair Powder 20 Sachets

In stock

overcoming excessive stress and mental and physical comfort

irritable bowel syndrome


Ingredients per sachet 

Dark barley malt extract 5050 mg

 LactiumTM 150 mg - Melissa officinalis extract 80mg

 Organum vulgare extract 6mg       


Health product

IBS ( irritable bowel syndrome )

The symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome,

differ from one person to another, as it is possible that all symptoms may develop in the patient or part of them may appear,

and it is indicated that this condition may be permeated by the presence of a normal bowel movement for several days, Symptoms are usually of mild severity in most patients,

But there are some people who may suffer from severe symptoms that affect their daily lives,

, it is indicated that irritable bowel syndrome usually begins to develop in

Puberty, and irritable bowel syndrome is considered It is more common in women compared to men, and the severity of symptoms often worsens during the menstrual cycle.

It should be noted that changes in bowel function are common during pregnancy, which may cause symptoms.

Stress and tension

Play a role in stimulating the development of irritable bowel syndrome in some people or making these symptoms appear worse.

 That the stress arises from work problems, or family or financial problems


Calmofair sachets

It plays an essential role in overcoming excessive stress and mental and physical comfort

And anti-spasmodic

It does not cause habituation or addiction like other preparations

Safe - 100% Natural

Easy to use

One sachet in half a glass of water twice a day

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