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Bigen Lady Speedy Hair Color 40 Medium Brown

SAR 21.85
In stock

No ammonia formula with no harsh smell.

Comforting floral fragrance of citrus note.


Product Description:

Color your hair in the comfort of your home with the Bigen Lady Colore No Ammonia hair color. With its exclusive speedy formulation, you can now effortlessly color your hair and perfectly cover grays in 10 minutes! With Bigen, you can avoid the harsh smell of dye as this offers your hair a pleasant floral scent of a citrus note. It is also extremely safe to use as it is void of severe chemicals and does not contain Ammonia or Peroxide, thus, giving you a trustworthy experience of hair coloring. Carefully created with 6 Natural Herbal Extracts from balm mint, chamomile, hops, fennel, mistletoe, and yarrow, it helps in getting your scalp nourished and hydrated. Further, the herbal extracts also aid in reducing hair damage and irritation.

• Speedy conditioning: Bigen Lady Colore No Ammonia’s hair color is widely popular for its special speedy conditioning formula. It transforms your hair into a completely new look in just 10 minutes and is undoubtedly, the best find for a woman with hectic schedules

• No Ammonia and Peroxide: With no harmful ingredients such as Ammonia and Peroxide, this hair color does not damage or irritate your scalp. You can be assured of getting no side-effects as it is absolutely safe on the scalp

• Cost-effective: This product is highly affordable as it has been designed to provide you with multiple applications over time. After using the required amount, you can always save the remaining cream for further uses and avoid the tensions of having to color your hair urgently

• 6 Natural Herbal Extracts: Goodness of the 6 Natural Herbal Extracts used in Bigen Lady Colore No Ammonia’s hair color helps in giving you a wholesome and natural experience of hair coloring that leaves your hair smooth, silky, and of course, a nourished scalp

• Soothing Floral scent: This hair color has been wisely formulated to give you a rejuvenating after-feel as a soothing floral scent of citrus lingers around you, even after washing your hair

• Long-lasting and rich medium brown color: With this product, you can enjoy a rich medium brown color that is long-lasting with complete gray hair coverage as it has been enhanced with Taurine, a color-lasting agent

How to use:

• Wear gloves and take an equal amount of color cream and developer cream from each tube as required into a bowl and combine well

• Apply the combined mixture to dry and washed hair with the help of a brush and comb for even application

• After 10 minutes, rinse completely with shampoo and water to unveil the magic

Caution & Warnings:

• Read the instruction leaflet fully before use

• It is advisable to always have a skin allergy test before 48 hours of application

• If there are any reactions after coloring your hair, it is advised to not color your hair again

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