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Betadine 25 Gm Ointment

SAR 41.00
In stock
Product Description Indicated for repeated application as an antiseptic, for a limited time, on damaged skin, such as decubitus ulcer (bedsore), ulcus cruris (leg ulcer), superficial wounds and burns, infected and super infected dermatoses. How to use: Spread the BETADINE® Ointment evenly over the area of damaged skin, from once to two times a day. If necessary, a dressing can be Warning and cautions: • Hypersensitive to iodine or povidone • Thyroid disorders (in particular nodular colloid goiter, endemic goiter and Hashimoto's thyroiditis), as well as before and after radioactive therapy. • It should not be used prior to radioiodine scintigraphy or radioiodine treatment of thyroid carcinoma. Ingredients: Povidone iodine 10% A valid prescription should be available upon delivery
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