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Avamys 27.5 Mcg Nasal Spray 120 Doses

SAR 44.30
In stock

Avamys acts to diminish allergy-related inflammation (rhinitis), hence alleviating allergy symptoms.

A valid prescription is a must for medicine dispense

Product Description:

  • Avamys acts to diminish allergy-related inflammation (rhinitis), hence alleviating allergy symptoms.


  • Avamys is used to treat allergic rhinitis symptoms such as:
    • Sneezings.
    • Stuffy, runny, or itchy nose.
    • as well as Watery, itchy, or red eyes.
  • The effects are normally felt within the first day, but some people may not feel them for several days after taking it.

Precautions and warnings:

  • Avamys 27.5 mcg/spray nasal spray can occasionally cause acute hypersensitivity reactions or contact dermatitis.
  • Intranasal corticosteroid use, particularly Avamys 27.5 mcg/spray, has been associated with rare cases of wheezing, nasal septum perforation, cataracts, glaucoma, and elevated intraocular pressure.
  • Although the systemic effects of Avamys 27.5 mcg/spray nasal spray have been limited at authorized doses, the danger increases with higher doses.
  • As a result, Avamys 27.5 mcg/spray nasal spray should not be used in excess of the recommended dose.

Side effects:

  • An unpleasant taste or odor. Rinse your mouth with water or drink some water.
  • A dry, painful nose, or nosebleeds. Take a few days off from using your nasal spray before restarting it.
  • A dry, painful throat, or raspy voice.
  • Headache.


  • Fluticasone Furoate.


  • 27.5 Mcg.

Pharmacological classification:

  • Inhaled corticosteroid.

Number of Doses:

  • 120 Dose.

How to Use:

  • Blow your nose gently if necessary.
  • Shake the nasal spray.
  • Remove the cap by gently compressing its sides.
  • Tilt your head forwards.
  • Place the nozzle into one of your nostrils.
  • Point the nozzle away from the center of your nose and toward the inside corner of your eye on the same side.

Storage Conditions:

  • Store upright.
  • Always keep your headgear on. 14.2 mL Type I or III amber bottle (glass) with a metered spray pump.
  • The pharmaceutical medicine comes in three pack sizes: 1 bottle containing 30, 60, or 120 sprays.
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