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Acti-Lance Diabetic Lancets Lite 28G 200 Pieces

SAR 150.00
In stock
Needles to get a blood sample to measure the blood glucose level.
Product Name Acti-Lance, Diabetic Lancets Lite 28G - 200 Pcs Category Medical Devices - Diabetic Lancets Uses Needles to get a blood sample to measure the blood glucose level. Product Characteristics Safe and sterile lancets for one-time use for capillary blood sampling. Easy to handle: Intuitive 2 step operation. Sterile: Needles are gamma sterilized, fully covered, and protected with a sterility tab. Efficient: an adequate blood sample with just a single push of the button. Safe: No possibility to reuse. Gentle: Electro-polished and the silicone-coated needle are linearly driven to assure lower pain and quick healing. Reliable: Risk of misuse or receiving an incorrect blood sample is eliminated through a unique, patented, self-destructive activation mechanism. Safety lancets are single-use devices for capillary blood sampling. Easy to handle: intuitive activation, low firing force, no lancet loading required, 2 step operation only. Minimized pain: ultra-sharp and silicone-coated needle, double spring mechanism to ensure high puncture speed and eliminate needle vibrations. Sufficient to lance once: different color-coded versions, right needle exposure length, adequate blood flow. Self-destructive mechanism excluding the possibility of reuse sterilized reliable sterility protector. How To Measure Blood Glucose Level Wash and thoroughly dry your hands. Warming your finger can sometimes help to increase blood flow. Insert a test strip into your meter. Use the needle (lancet) to prick the side of your fingertip. Gently squeeze and/or massage your fingertip until a round drop of blood forms on your fingertip. Line up the test strip with the blood drop then gently touch the channel to the edge of the blood drop After a little delay, the meter will show your blood sugar level on a screen. Remove the used strip from its edges, and use alcohol swabs to clean your finger What Is Diabetes Mellitus? Diabetes Mellitus is a chronic disease characterized by either don't have enough insulin or insulin doesn't operate properly, resulting in an increase in blood glucose levels. Types of diabetes: Type 1, in which the pancreas does not produce any insulin at all. Type 2, in which the pancreas produces insufficient insulin, or insulin stops functioning properly. Gestational diabetes is a temporary condition in which women's insulin becomes less effective during pregnancy. Common symptoms of diabetes: Frequent urination. Severe thirst. Severe hunger. Lack of attention and loss of focus. Tingling of hands and feet. Slow wound healing. Non-Pharmacological Treatments & Advice For Diabetic Patients All carbohydrate affects blood glucose levels so it’s important to know which foods contain carbohydrates. Choose the healthier foods that contain carbs and be aware of your portion sizes. Eat less salt. Eating lots of salt can increase your risk of high blood pressure, which in turn increases the risk of heart diseases and stroke. And when you have diabetes, you’re already more at risk of all of these conditions. Eat more fruit and vegetable. This can help you get the vitamins, minerals, and fiber your body needs every day to help keep you healthy. You can always try low or zero-calorie sweeteners (also known as artificial sweeteners) to help you cut down sugar for example steviana sweetener or tropicana sweetener Don’t forget to keep moving. Being more physically active goes hand in hand, in controlling blood glucose level, with eating healthier. Remember to measure your blood glucose level continuously by using home monitor Thiozac capsules & neurobion tablets will help you to reduce neuropathy induced by diabetes If you experience symptoms of hypoglycemia such as weakness, dizziness, increased sweating, fast heart beating, vision disorders or difficulty in concentration, it usually helps to eat or drink something containing sugar.
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