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Zain Lice Comb India

SAR 8.05
In stock

Bid good-bye to all the annoying lice, nits, and lice eggs housing in your hair with Zain Lice Comb

The comb comprises a fine-tooth on both sides.

Use the required pressure and run the comb all the way from the scalp to the ends.

The fine-tooth of the comb easily traps the tiniest nits and lice. This is suitable for both men and women.

The comb serves its purpose on all hair types and hair lengths.

The simple and functional designing of the comb makes it convenient while combing.

The sturdy plastic material is extremely lightweight and durable.

It is advised to detangle your hair with a normal brush before using the lice comb to avoid unnecessary hair fall.

The lice comb can be easily washed with warm water and a mild shampoo. The fine-tooth not only traps the lice but also accumulates dirt and scalp oil. Therefore, it is good to shampoo the comb frequently for hygienic usage.


How to use:


• Effectively removes lice - The fine-tooth comb with sharp round ends traps the tiniest nits and lice in your hair

• The lice comb is safe for children aged six months and above

• The comb material is sturdy, lightweight, and highly durable

• The plastic comb can be easily washed with warm water and a mild shampoo

• The palm-sized lice comb has a fine-tooth on two opposite sides

• It doesn't require any conditioning before combing

• Lice combs are cost-effective in comparison with lice hair treatments and pesticides

• It is a safe replacement compared to harmful chemical treatments

• No professional training is required to use the lice comb. The usage is similar to regular combs


Caution & Warnings:

• Do not use the lice comb on children aged below two months. The scalp tends to be super sensitive at a tender age.

• Do not apply too much force/pressure while combing. It can cause painful cuts.

• Do not share lice combs. If the comb is not cleaned well, there are high chances of pediculosis transmission.

• Do not allow your children below 5 years to use the comb on their own. Provide parental guidance.

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