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Xalatan 0.005 % Eye Drops 2.5 Ml

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Latanoprost is a medication that is used for patients with open-angle glaucoma
What is Latanoprost used for: Latanoprost is a medication that is used for patients with open-angle glaucoma (increased pressure in the eye that can lead to loss of vision) to reduce eye pressure and in patients with ocular hypertension (a condition that causes elevated pressure in the eye). Do not take Latanoprost: If you are allergic to Latanoprost or any of the ingredients in this medicine. Tell your doctor about the allergy and what signs you had. Warnings and Precautions: • Talk to your doctor or pharmacist if you develop allergic reactions such as shortness of breath, skin rash, swelling of the face or neck, decreased blood pressure and dizziness. • This medication may cause changes in your eye color, eyelashes and their growth, length, thickness, color, direction and number. Change in your eye color may increase during your treatment. Color changes may not be noticed until months or years have passed. Once you stop using this medication, the color change of your eye is expected to be permanent, unlike the eyelashes and periorbital area (area around the eyes) that are expected to gain their original color. The effects of these color changes after 5 years are not known yet. • Medication can be continued even if you experience eye color changes, however, make sure to get your eyes examined by your doctor. • Make sure to tell your doctor about other eye disorders that you have such as eye inflammation or eye edema. • Make sure to remove contact lenses before the administration of the eye drop. You can wear your contact lenses again after at least 15 minutes of applying your eye drop. • Avoid contact of the eye drop tip with your eye to prevent bacterial contamination. • Seek your physician advice if you develop an eye infection, eye or lid reactions or if you have a planned surgery. • If you are using more than one eye drop solution, make sure to administer each at least five minutes apart. Possible side effects of Latanoprost: Possible side effects of Latanoprost include: allergic reaction, redness and dilation of eye vessels, eye irritation, darkening in eyelid or eye color, changes in eyelashes color and direction, increase in eyelashes length, number and thickness, eye inflammation, eye swelling, blurred vision, burning and stinging, foreign body sensation and itching. Other medicines and Latanoprost: Tell your doctor or pharmacist if you are taking, have recently taken or might take any other medications including eye drops. If you are using more than one eye drop solution, make sure to administer each at least five minutes apart to avoid precipitation of the eye drop. How to take Latanoprost: Recommended dose is one drop in the affected eye once daily at night. Do not use more than once daily to avoid excessive decrease in eye pressure. Eye pressure should start decreasing within 3-4 hours. • Wash your hands. Uncap the bottle. Tilt your head slightly backward and pull down your lower eyelid making a pocket. Keep the bottle above your eye with the tip facing down. Look upward and away from the bottle then press on the container to release a drop. Close your eyes for 2-3 minutes with your head facing down, making sure not to blink. Gently apply pressure to the corner of your eye for around 1 minute. • Space your eye drops by at least 5 minutes. How to store Latanoprost: • Store unopened bottle at 2 to 8°C. Unopened bottles can be kept at a temperature up to 40°C for a maximum of 8 days. Once opened, you can store the bottle at room temperature. • Discard the bottle 6 weeks after its opening. • Keep out of the reach of children and pets. • Do not use beyond the expiry date mentioned on the box. • Keep away from light. • Do not dispose in the wastewater or household waste
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