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zzled from sniffling, coughing and clearing your throat all day? Feel your productivity going down? Fret no anymore.


Introducing Vicks VapoDrops + Cough – lozenges formulated* to help clear a blocked nose, soothe a sore throat AND ALSO provide relief from cough!

With VapoDrops + Cough, get back in high spirits, singing welcome back nose, welcome back throat AND goodbye cough!


Contains herbal ingredients.


Relieves Cough –VapoDrops + Cough is specially formulated with menthol and other herbal ingredients such as Liquorice root, Ginger and Indian gooseberry that are traditionally used for cough relief.


Clears Blocked Nose – VapoDrops + Cough provides cooling effect for blocked nose relief though vaporized menthol.


Soothes Sore Throat – Once dissolved in your mouth, VapoDrops + Cough provides throat soothing effect for your irritating sore throat.

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