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Veet Shiny For Real Hair Removal Cream 50G

SAR 14.89
Out of stock
Product Description :
  • Sensitive Skin cream Caring for your Skin 3 minutes to a silky smooth & confident you!
  • Its amazingly effective formula with Moisturizer Complex now contains twice the moisturizers.
  • Specifically designed for sensitive skin,
  • Veet® Sensitive Skin Hair Removal Cream contains Aloe Vera & Vitamin E known for their skin-caring properties.
  • Simply apply our silky moisturizing formula onto your skin, wait 5 minutes, and remove cream and hair with the Perfect Touch spatula.
  • The result will be a silky smooth ski.
  • Thanks to the new moisturizer complex, your skin is left smoother than ever before! After all, sensitive girls deserve that smooth, sexy, feeling too
Product Features :
  • Aloe Vera and Vitamin E
  • Legs and Body
  • Hair Regrowth feels softer
  • Works close to the root and short hair
  • Smoothness for up to a week
How to use:
  • Using the curved part of the spatula spread the veet cream evenly to fully coat the hair.
  • Leave the cream on your skin for 5 minutes and then use the spatula to gently remove a small test area of cream, if the hair comes away easily use the wider or narrower end of the spatula depending on the body part to remove the rest
  • If your hair is more stubborn you can leave the cream on for up to 6 minutes in total - but don’t leave it any longer.
  • Rinse your skin thoroughly with water to remove the cream completely and then dry.
Caution & Warnings:
  • Avoid using over-burned skin and other skin irregularities
  • Suitable for areas like arms, underarms, legs, and bikini line
  • Keep out of reach of children if ingested, and visit a doctor immediately
  • Avoid contact with eyes if it does accidentally, rinse off with cold water immediately
  • Do not use it on varicose veins or broken skin.
  • Do not use on the face or genitals.
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