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Veet Men Cream Normal Skin Value Pack (2X200Ml)

SAR 99.99
Out of stock

GET A CLEAN LOOK: Now get a clean, smooth and smart look with Veet for Men for a well groomed you

MULTI-AREA USAGE: Suitable for removing hair on the chest, back, under arms and legs
QUICK TO USE: Get a fresh, hair free skin within 3 – 6 minutes
PLEASANT FRAGRANCE: Veet works on silk & fresh technology, giving you a pleasing fragrance with Ginseng Extracts
LONGER SMOOTHNESS: Enjoy 7 days of hairless smoothness and a softer after hair growth
MOISTURISES SKIN: Leaves your skin hydrated for up to 24 hours
SAFE & COMFORTABLE: A painless solution with no risk of cuts
ALSO TRY: Try Veet Men for Sensitive Skin
COMMONLY SEARCHED TOPICS: hair removal cream, hair removal, veet, veet for men, men veet, body hair, veet hair removal

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