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V-Comb Head Lice Comb

SAR 320.85
In stock


Product Description:

Licetec V-Comb Anti Lice and Nits Device is designed in Australia and it is one of the most technologically advanced devices available in the market that eliminates head lice and eggs by its vacuuming formula and combing. The eggs and head lice are extracted and captured in the filter. The filter is illuminated with bright LED light showing what has been extracted. The Lice Comb is very well deigned as the teeth of the V-Comb is made of stainless steel and the edges are rounded for gentle use. It can be adjustable in 2 angles of combing. It is an electrical device that provides an innovative way of removing lice from your hair and scalp without any pesticides or chemicals. The product does not cause any kind of allergy or irritation. The product is not harsh on your scalp and pulls out lice from your scalp gently. It comes with a disposable filter and the replacement is available at a very affordable price. The product is CE certified and FDA approved, hence it is completely safe to use.

Product Features:

• The Licetec V-Comb Anti Lice and Nit Device comply with Australian standards, making it one of the highest quality products

• It is an electrical device, keeping you away from chemicals and pesticides

• It is very easy to use as it is just like combing your hair

• It is very easy to dispose as the product comes with a disposable filter, the lice and the eggs are captured in it, which allows for a secure disposal

• It has a very compact and ergonomic design; it can be adjusted in 2 combing angles

• It can be used to detect head lice so, a further infestation can be prevented

• It has an LED illuminated filter unit

• It is hygienic and mess-free

• It is CE certified and approved by the FDA, making it one of the finest quality products in the market


How to use:
• Simply attach a new capture filter unto the Licetec V-Comb Lice and Nit Device’s combing head and ensure that it is fastened securely
• Combing head to be attached unto main body, align the gliding arrows, and twist and lock
• You can start combing from the base of your neck. Run the metal comb along the scalp and pull comb along the length of the hair.
• Repeat the same procedure 2-3 times in each and every section and on all areas of the hair and scalp
• After the treatment is completed detach the filter which captures the head lice and eggs from the V-Comb and secure the lid to seal the trapped head lice and eggs before discarding
• You do not have to guess if the treatment was effective or not, it is all in the filter


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