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V-Comb Head Lice Comb Filter

SAR 45.95
In stock

Gently lift any head lice and eggs

Automatically sealed for hygienic and mess-free disposal system
Allows you to see the head lice and eggs that have been caught
Translucent mesh allowing users to see captured lice and nits
Suitable for A1 and supra devices

Product description
V-Comb Capture Filters uses as suction power to gently lift any head lice and eggs in your child's hair and scalp. A small removable bag at the end of the comb traps all the eggs and head lice that have been suctioned up. These filters contain the lice and nits removed by the comb and are automatically sealed for hygienic removal. Suitable for A1 and Supra devices that eliminate head lice and nits.

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