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Potassium sodium hydrogen citrate granules 280g What Potassium sodium hydrogen citrate is used for: It is an alkaline citrate used for the treatment of kidney stones. Do not take Potassium sodium hydrogen citrate if: Hypersensitivity to Potassium sodium hydrogen citrate You have heart problems (congestive heart problems) Warnings & Precautions: Talk to your doctor or pharmacist before taking Potassium sodium hydrogen citrate You have to check serum electrolytes Monitor renal function If you have liver problems Possible Side Effects: Mild stomach or abdominal pain are common. Diarrhea Nausea. Other medicines and Potassium sodium hydrogen citrate: Tell your doctor or pharmacist about all medicines you take, including prescription and over-the-counter medicines, vitamins and herbal supplements. Aldosterone antagonists (eplerone, sprininolactone), ACE inhibitors (perindopril, lisinopril), nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (ibuprofen, diclofenac) and analgesics peripheral reduce emission of potassium through the kidneys. Medicines containing citrate, which are provided simultaneously with those containing aluminum, may cause reinforcing the absorption of aluminum. If such drugs must be taken between the adoption should be an interval of at least 2 hours. How to take Potassium sodium hydrogen citrate: Adults and children above 12 years of age: For the reconstitution and prevention of recurrence of urate stones: Take 4 scoops (= 10 g granules) a day, divided into 3 doses after meals: Drink 1 scoop each morning, one at noon and 2 every night after eating. To prevent recurrence of calcium stones: The daily dose should be 2-3 scoops (= 5 - 7.5 g granules) to be taken once in the evening. If the pH is too low to be taken 3-4.5 scoops (= 7.5 -11.25 g granules), divided into 2-3 doses during the day. How To Use: The granules should be dissolved in a glass of water and then drink. Measuring the pH of urine: Immediately before receiving each dose grab strip of test paper, which is located in the package, grasp it with clip (also supplied) and then soak with fresh urine. Then compare the color of wetted strip with color chart and read what is printed below pH corresponding color. So read pH and number of scoops of granules that are drunk, are recorded in the control calendar. How to store Potassium sodium hydrogen citrate: Keep this medicine out of the sight and reach of children. Store at Room Temperature [77°F (25°C)]. Do not store above 30° A valid prescription should be available upon delivery
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