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Prescription Drug Only

Travocort Cream 20 Gm

SAR 16.50
In stock
A valid medical prescription is required to dispense this medication For Mixed Skin Fungal Infection
Therapeutic Indications Of TRAVOCORT 20g CREAM It is used for fungal infections of hairless and hairy skin, e.g. in the region of the hands, the interdigital spaces of the feet, and in the inguinal and genital regions. Because of the addition of diflucortolone valerate, it is indicated for the initial or intermediate treatment of those fungal diseases which are accompanied by highly inflammatory or eczematous skin conditions. Method Of Administration Of TRAVOCORT 20g CREAM It should be applied twice daily to the diseased areas of skin. The treatment must be terminated after regression of the inflammatory or eczematous skin condition and the therapy continued or followed up with the isoconazole nitrate preparation without corticoid additive. This applies in particular for use in inguinal and genital regions. If a secondary microbial skin infection is present suitable concomitant anti-microbial therapy should be instituted. If fungal infections are present, a topically active antimycotic should be applied Undesirable Side Effects Of TRAVOCORT 20g CREAM Local symptoms such as itching, burning, erythema or vesiculation may occur in isolated cases. Warnings & Precautions: Glaucoma may develop from using local corticoids after large-dosed or extensive application over a prolonged period. In infections of the interdigital spaces it is advisable to place a strip of gauze smeared with the cream between the toes or fingers To avoid renewed infection, personal linen (face-cloths, towels, underwear etc. - preferably of cotton) should be changed daily and boiled. Regular hygienic measures are essential. In tinea pedum, the space between the toes must be thoroughly dried after washing, and stockings or socks should be changed daily How to store Isocnoazole/diflucortolone: Keep this medicine out of the sight and reach of children. Store below 25 °C. °
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