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Tebodont Mouth Rinse 400ml

SAR 53.00
In stock


Tebodont® Mouthwash 400ML
This is an effective mouth rinse enriched with tea tree oil & sodium fluoride for the treatment of irritations in the oral cavity. Especially for treating irritated gums and oral mucosa, excessive plaque formation, and for use as a preventative treatment for dental caries.
TEBODONT-F Toothpaste with fluoride 75 ml
For daily oral and dental care, prevention of tooth decay, helps relieve irritated gums and oral mucosa and enhances plaque removal.
EFFECT: Inhibits the formation of plaque, prevents tooth decay, cares for and strengthens the gums.
Calms, soothes, invigorates and regenerates the gums
For gum problems and excessive plaque
No staining of the teeths
No change of the sense of taste
Enriched with tea tree oil without alcohol
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