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Spin Spa Spinning Spa Brush

SAR 169.00
In stock

 luxury spa to rejuvenate your skin and pamper your body

Product description

Spin Spa is the spinning shower brush that turns showering into a spa experience! For aging skin, use Spin Spa's Microdermabrasion Head to cleanse away dead skin cells and reveal the youthful skin beneath.

Or use the mesh sponge for a more gentle exfoliation. Spin Spa's soft massaging fingers also improve circulation – perfect for areas prone to cellulite.

Spin Spa spinning shower brush helps you feel and look better.

Just add your favorite soap or body wash and let Spin Spa do the rest! The extra-long handle makes reaching your back and lower legs easy!

Spin Spa requires no installation and takes three 'AA' batteries. Spin Spa includes all of the following: Spin Spa spinning shower head Microdermabrasion Head Mesh Sponge Head Massage Head Pumice Stone Head Cleansing Head

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