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Sofy Pure Pantyliner Unscented Regular (2+1) 40 Pcs

SAR 36.51
In stock

Sofy pantyliner clean and pure is soft cotton touch, flexible, that has triple wrappping to get an absolute hygiene for your daily activity use, before and after your menstruation period


Stay hygienic and dry with the Sofy Unscented Panty Liner. It is made using soft cotton and other materials, allowing you to comfortably use it for longer hours. This liner features triple wrapping, which enables you to safely handle it for daily purposes. In addition, its multiple barriers keep you fresh by preventing leakage from the sides. Suitable for use before and after menstruation, this panty liner is highly absorbent, ensuring that you remain dry during long hours of usage.

Convenient Usage

The Sofy Panty Liner is fit for using before and after your menstruation period. Its triple wrapping aids in easy and hygienic usage for daily purposes.

Leakage Protection

The Sofy Unscented Liner absorbs efficiently, helping you stay clean and dry for a longer span. In addition, the multiple barriers of this panty liner prevent leakage from all sides.

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