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Single Let Sterile Single-Use Safety Lancets 200 Pcs

SAR 139.00
In stock

A lancet is easy to use as well as an important product for testing blood samples

The Single Let Sterile Single-use Safety Lancets 200 pcs can be used with a compatible lancing device as well. In case, you do not have a lancing device, you can still use it without a lancing device. These lancets are easy to use and are painless as well as effective to achieve the desired purpose. People who have diabetes can efficiently monitor, and test their sugar levels regularly with the help of these lancets. This product is a single-use product and should not be used again after one use. Reusing the same lancet may lead to bacterial contamination or infection. Hence, it is not recommended.

• The single let sterile single-use safety lancets are made for single use only, to maintain hygiene and avoid any form of infection or contamination

• Once the lancet is used, it can be easily disposed of after single use

• This product contains 200 lancets in each box or packaging.

• These lancets can be used with and without any lancing device for obtaining blood samples for testing

• These lancets are easy and safe to use. They can be used at home or office by anyone who wants to monitor or test their blood levels


How to use:


• Firstly, clean the area with antiseptic liquid to get rid of any bacteria or germs

• Then insert the lancet in the lancing device

• Set up the lancing device and put it on the area you wish to take a blood sample from, then press the button on the lancing device which will insert the lancet in the area and the blood will ooze out. Then you can take the sample and run your desired tests

• You can use lancets without a lancing device as well. Just hold the skin and prick with the help of the lancet or the needle and take the blood sample

• Once you have taken the blood sample, put it in the testing machine to obtain the test result


Caution & Warnings:


• Single lancet cannot be reused and is meant for one-time use only for hygiene purposes

• Wash your hands before using the lancets to reduce the risk of infection

• Once the lancet is utilized, discard the used lancet very carefully.

• Do not throw away the lancet in an open area. Discard it properly in a bin

• Keep it away from children. The product should not be swallowed.

• Use the product carefully. It could cause serious wounds

• The product is for external use only

• Check if the packaging is intact before usage. If the packaging was opened do not use the product


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