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Signal Toothpaste Complete 8 With Baking Soda 100ml

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Signal Toothpaste Complete 8 With Baking Soda 100ml

Signal Toothpaste Complete 8 With Baking Soda 100ml

Signal's mission is to help improve people’s oral health and habits through their products, expert advice and innovations.

Discover Signal's new Complete 8 Range Natural Elements infused with pure elements from nature and is designed to give your teeth total protection.

Product formula blends 94% of natural ingredients, and is also infused with Zinc Mineral (no tricolosan and no parabens).

Combined to provide your teeth with anti-bacterial power to fight tooth decay, tartar formation, and protect the overall health of your gums.

The toothpaste provides a natural Clean and fresh smile, specifically infused with Baking Soda, Rosemary and Mint, its formula delivers deep cleansing and a boost of natural freshness. Suitable for sensitive teeth and gums. For all age groups.

The result: Complete protection, infused with nature.

Toothpaste is a necessary product that has to be used daily.

It helps to keep your teeth clean and protect your mouth from infections and diseases.

How To Use

Comfortably hold the brush.

Start brushing the upper jaw.

Move the brush from up to down.

Go to brush the lower jaw moving from down to up.

Brush the teeth from the outside and inside and then go to the cutters.

Do not forget to brush your tongue or use a tongue cleanser.

Advice for good health care from the Signal Team

Brush your teeth thoroughly after each meal.

Replace your Signal toothbrush after 2 or 3 months, to maintain maximum performance and freshness

Consult your dentist at least twice a year.

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