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Signal35 Toothbrush With Baking Soda Soft- 2 Pcs

In stock

Signal's mission is to help improve people’s oral health and habits through their products, expert advice and innovations.

Tooth enamel is the toughest substance in our body, but once it’s damaged the body can’t repair it.

Signal is the family dental expert that can address all your oral health problems with regular use. Protection that lasts all day.

Discover Signal's new Complete 8 Range Natural Elements Toothbrush, inspired by nature.

The bristles of this toothbrush are infused with natural Baking Soda to effectively remove plaque from gum line for clean teeth and healthy gums.

The tongue cleaning feature ensures fresh breath for a longer period of time, as it helps scrape off any remaining



Toothbrush is a necessary product that has to be used daily.

It provides deep clean for teeth & gum.


Instructions For Use/ How To Use

Comfortably hold the brush.

Start brushing the upper jaw.

Move the brush from up to down.

Go to brush the lower jaw moving from down to up.

Brush the teeth from the outside and inside and then go to the cutters.

Do not forget to brush your tongue or use a tongue cleanser.

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