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Sebamed Baby Protective Facial Cream 50 ml

SAR 55.78
In stock

Baby Protective Facial Cream


Effective hydration prevents dryness
Panthenol and lipid compound protect against irritation around the mouth from saliva
Vitamin E safeguards against harmful environmental influences
Easy to apply and readily absorbed
Oil-in-water emulsion


For baby's ultra delicate skin, the Sebamed Baby Protective Facial Cream is the best moisturizing complex that helps prevent dryness, enhancing the barrier function against noxious substances while soothing baby's tender skin.

With the pH value of 5.5, this baby cream is clinically proven to promote the development of the acid mantle and is free from harmful ingredients making it as safe as it is effective.

It's your active shield from the harsh environmental substances. So the next time you take the precious one on a day out, be one step ahead!

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