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Rinosan Nasal Spray 30 Ml

SAR 47.75
In stock
To treat nasal congestion
Rhinosan Nasal Spray RINOSAN Nasal Spray contains saline solution and nasal lubricants. It is used to clean the nose and prevent dryness. It is used in cases of nasal congestion and sinusitis. Rinosan Nasal Spray Its composition helps to establish a normal pH and moisturize the nasal mucosa, in addition to dissolving dried mucus and accumulated dirt to facilitate breathing. Rinosan Nasal Spray is recommended for daily hygiene of the mucous membranes of children and adults, during stay in air-conditioned rooms, during exposure to dust and harmful atmospheric effects, during stay in dry and warm rooms, for allergic symptoms of rhinitis and colds. Usage instructions: To moisturize the nasal mucosa: one spray per nostril several times a day is sufficient. To treat nasal congestion: Spray once or twice in both nostrils and repeat several times a day. side effects sneeze Cough Eye irritation if sprayed into the eyes Nasal irritation Abnormal taste in the mouth
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