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Radian Ice Gell Roll On 75ml

SAR 42.00
In stock

Product Description:

  • Radian Massage Cream is a topical treatment for joint and muscle pain and some rheumatic conditions.
  • It is a topical analgesic and is not a definitive treatment for chronic conditions.
  • Rather, it relieves pain with high effectiveness.
  • Radian is considered one of the best types of topical ointments to relieve pain, and doctors recommend using it always.
  • Where the Radian cream is used to relieve pain and massage the area of ​​bruises, arthritis or muscle spasms.
  • It will react to the pain quickly and relieve it because it is made of natural materials.
  • And as there is a rise in the temperature of the area above it, which distracts the mind from the original pain.
  • Where the patient feels the disappearance of pain, Radian cream is characterized by its strong effect on pain.

How to Use:

  • As the tube is opened and made sure that it is intact, the tube is gently pressed and a small amount of cream is ejected.
  • The cream is also placed on the pain area and massaged until the cream contacts the skin.
  • Where it is preferable to wash the area with hot water before applying the cream to lighten the pores, and keep washing the hands after use.
  • Radian Cream is also used for external use only, as the dose is to massage the pain area three times a day and the eye area should be avoided

Warnings And Precautions:

  • Radian Massage Cream should only be used under the supervision of a physician, especially when the following are present:
  • Different medicines may interact with Radian Cream or cause some side effects.


  • Camphor dilates blood vessels and relieves pain.
  • Menthol gives a feeling of cooling and reduces the feeling of pain.
  • Methyl Salicylate, Capsicum Hot Pepper Extract.
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