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Private Super With Wings 50 Pads Provides superior absorption during flow. • Dry touch core helps pull fluid into the pad quickly and speeds up absorption • Prevents irritation and sweating unique cottony side cover that's softer on all skin types • Comfortable fit improved pad thickness that retains its shape • Keeps you feeling dry film cover prevents fluid returning to the surface of the pad • Designed for your comfort and softer than ever before • Design and security of each pad provides around-the-clock protection • The Pad has wings for better fit, flexibility and leak control. • Natural Cotton feel top cover for unique Softness and Comfort • Compressed and individually wrapped sanitary pads for ultimate protection • All private products present Natural Cotton feel top cover for unique Softness and Comfort. How to use: • Pads have adhesive strips to attach securely to your panties • Remove the paper backing and press the sticky side of the pad to your underwear • If your pad also has wings extra flaps that fold over the sides of your underwear • For more protection remove the paper backing and wrap the wings around the crotch pressing firmly to the underside of your panties When should I change my pad : • You’ll want to change your pad regularly to stay clean and comfortable • Usually every 3–4 hours or more often if your flow is heavy • Remember to match the absorption capacity of the pad your flow not your body type Caution and Warnings : • Don't flush the used product in the toilet. • To avoid danger of suffocation, keep this plastic bag away from babies and children.

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Private Super With Wings 50 Pads