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SAR 126.50
In stock

Priorin L is a solution for hair loss that is not disease related

  • The liquid formula of this supplement combines carefully chosen ingredients holistic ingredients inspired by nature and powered by science that target the hair cycle responsible for healthy, beautiful hair, help maintain the natural hair growth cycle and support it
  • One of the ingredients is pro-vitamin B5, known also as panthenol
  • Thanks to the moisturizing properties this product contains, pro-vitamin B5 can directly nourish the hair
  • Priorin L Liquid also has a component called  Baicapil® which fortifies the hair and supports the natural hair cycle

Scientifically Proven

Scientifically tested Priorin liquid is used in hair loss management and provides visibly denser hair within 12 weeks of use. 90% of consumers perceived improvement in the appearance of their hair after using Priorin liquid for 12 weeks.

Beautiful Hair From Within

Priorin is a holistic hair supplement which, thanks to the Priorin L liquid formula with Baicapil, which supports the natural hair cycle, and Pro-Vitamin B5, which nourishes and moisturises the hair, supports natural growing mechanisms of the hair and helps maintain the normal hair cycle.

Priorin's Mission

In a world of unrealistic expectations, we exist to empower people to reach their true potential. Hair is an integral part of appearance and personality, especially for women. Some call it 'the woman‘s crown,' a symbol of beauty and personality, reflecting health, as well as psychological and general well-being. Priorin consists of substances that contribute to hair and nail growth.


Features and benefits:

  • Priorin Liquid is indicated for hair loss " non-disease-related", providing visibly denser and stronger hair within 12 weeks
  • The formula works from the inside out, directly targeting the hair roots
  • A scientifically tested holistic hair treatment with essential nutrients and vitamins
  • Baicapil® supports and helps maintain the natural hair growth cycle
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