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Primalac Ultima (1) Baby Milk 400 gm

Special Price SAR 45.74 Regular Price SAR 49.45
In stock

Primalac® Ultima 1 with Nutractive blend, the new generation of infant formula .

Primalac® Ultima 1 is inspired by the uniqueness of breast milk and supports the breastfeeding and sustains it longer with a 100% lactose content for the first six month.

3-The primalac® Ultima 1 formula with the unique Nutractive blend which is our exclusive innovation tailored specially to decrease all GIT disorders like constipation, colic &regurgitation & supports all the nutritional needs of your baby from 0 to 6 Months.

How to use:

1-wash your hands with soap and water, and dry using a clean towel

2-wash feeding bottle, nipple, and cap then boil them for 5 minutes

3-Boil drinking water for 5 mins and allow cool to 40 C

4- Check the feeding table, pour the exact amount of water into the feeding bottle

5-add the exact amount of leveled scoops of the product, using the enclosed scoop then close the bottle

6-Shake the bottle well until the powder is fully dissolved.

Caution & Warnings:

1- un boiled water and bottle or incorrect preparation can make your baby ill

2-prepare the bottle at one time, Throw away any unfinished milk after feeding

3-Use only the enclosed scoop

4-Use content after opening for a maximum of 4 weeks .use by the date shown on the base of the tin.

5- store the tin in a cold and dry place


1- Primalac ® ultima 1 contains the milk fat OPO with no palm oil which is an innovative fat blend that is closer to the breast milk, to support bone mineralization, better digestive well being &healthy beneficial gut bacteria with less incidence of constipation and discomfort

2- The Primalac® Ultima 1 formula contains HMOs for a better immune system and strengthens the beneficial gut flora for a healthy outcomes

3-The primalac® Ultima Formula contains a high amount of omega 3 & omega 6 with a ratio of 1:1 to enhance brain development

4- The primalac® Ultima formula has a better ( taste & smell ) , thanks to the unique innovation of the Fat milk and OPO

5- Primalac ®Ultima 1 contains all the vitamins and minerals required for optimum growth and ensures the satisfaction of all nutritional needs from 0 to 6 months
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