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Pond'S Bright Beauty Facial Foam 100Gm

SAR 30.00
In stock

Pond'S Bright Beauty Facial Foam 100gm

Pond'S Bright Beauty Facial Foam 100gm

POND'S Bright Beauty Radiance and Freshness with 10 Times More Facial Foam Serum for 100g Brighter Skin. POND'S Bright Beauty Serum Facial Foam is a new Face Lotion from Bonds for bright skin! Discover bright and radiant skin with POND'S Bright Beauty Serum facial foam. Bond's first facial serum lotion with x10 Glow Serum, for bright, soft and fresh skin. For bright skin with a sparkling finish. 

With Ponds Bright Beauty facial lotion, it helps brighten from the inside by getting rid of accumulated dead skin cells to reveal brighter and fresher skin

Use this facial lotion to brighten the skin daily for the best results for fresher skin and nourish with healthy radiance.

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