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Pigeon 107 Decorated Bottle 240 ml

SAR 34.50
In stock

Encourages the baby's tongue movement in peristaltic motion Eas clean and feed


Features and Benefits:

Pigeon peristaltic nipple plastic feeding bottle is a healthy start to a baby's independent eating habits
The bottle allows natural movement of the baby ensuring maximum development of baby's facial and jaw muscles
The peristaltic bottle incorporates a unique air ventilation system that allows minimum air intake and easy gliding of milk into the baby's stomach
The unique streamline shape of the bottle makes it easy for the mothe clean and feed
The nipple of the bottle is stretchable and allows easy sucking and wide movement of the baby's tongue
Made with ultra-soft silicone rubber with its double the nipple ensures softness and e which allows the baby to latch on to it easily
The nipple gets perfectly fit into the baby's tongue and encourages the peristaltic motion of the tongue
The nipple can also be adjusted to increase or decrease the flow of milk.

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