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Pharmaceris - H-Stimupurin Hair Growth Shampoo 250ml

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Shampoo designed for excessive temporary or premature hair loss

  • Helps fight balding related to genetic predispositions and hormonal or environmental factors
  • Effectively prevents hair loss
  • Suitable for the sensitive scalp
  • Free of Parabens, allergens and chemicals
  • High Tolerance and Efficacy
  • Dermatologically tested

a unique combination of two ingredients: the Natural Growth Factor FGF and caffeine (patent application) shows scientifically confirmed efficacy in hair loss prevention and hair growth stimulation at the same time. The ingredients contained in this complex take effect on the cellular level by activating genes that are responsible for new hair development. They boost life processes of the existing hair follicles to promote natural hair growth and extend their life span (the anagen phase).
Caffeine prevents genetically determined balding by neutralizing the negative effect of hormones (androgens, DHT) responsible for hair degradation and premature hair loss. Carefully selected conditioning ingredients: niacinamide (vitamin PP), D-panthenol and biotin have a soothing effect and restore physiological balance of the scalp. The shampoo cleanses your hair and scalp gently yet effectively. It smoothes out and strengthens hair structure and restores natural hair thickness. It has a neutral pH level similar to that of the scalp.

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Pharmaceris - H-Stimupurin Hair Growth Shampoo 250ml