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Pharmaceris H-Sebopurin Normalizing Shampoo 250Ml

SAR 86.25
Out of stock

Recommended for daily care of seborrhoeic scalp and oily hair

This concentrated formula enriched with burdock extract effectively cleanses the hair and normalizes excessive scalp oiliness, reducing it by 35% on average. A stable form of vitamin B3 reduces excessive sebum secretion. Octopirox restores the natural balance of the cutaneous microflora. Glycerin deeply moisturizes hair structure, and precious wheat proteins make hair significantly smoother and more elastic. The shampoo has a pH level similar to that of the scalp. The shampoo normalizes excessive scalp oiliness, leaving the hair clean and light for longer. 80% of female users who shampooed their hair daily confirmed that after using the product, their hair was soft and full of volume 1-2 days longer than before.
Directions for use: Apply the shampoo onto wet hair. Rub it in to work up lather. Leave it on for about 1-2 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with water. Repeat application if necessary. If the shampoo gets in your eyes, wash them with water right away.

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