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Pharmaceris - Emotopic Special Lipid-Replenishing Cream 75Ml

SAR 109.25
Out of stock

For very dry, sensitive and atopic skin prone to irritation, microdamage and redness

Rich emollient formula repairs the skin's protective barrier, ensuring its proper function. Provides long-lasting lipid and moisture replenishment, reducing the feeling of discomfort and dry rough skin already after a single use. Canola oil and hemp oil provide soothing and anti-itch properties, and are medically effective in skin care against chronic and excessive dryness (also in atopic dermatitis). These substances stimulate repair of microdamages in the skin, minimising the risk of progression in locations prone to such lesions. They nourish and regenerate the skin, strengthening its natural hydrolipid barrier. Sodium hyaluronate and hygroscopic moisturizing molecules restore proper hydration of the skin, replenishing water reserves in the epidermis. The cream restores comfort and relieves symptoms associated with skin lesions.
Regular and comprehensive EMOTOPIC emollient care enables longer periods of remission and prevents relapses of AD.

  • For very dry, sensitive and atopic skin prone to irritation, microdamage and redness, as well as itching and burning
  • Recommended for people with atopic dermatitis, regardless of age.
  • For conditioning use in people during and after dermatological treatment
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