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Oraxine Mouthwash 300 Ml

SAR 39.95
In stock
For Oral Hygiene And Gingivitis
Product ORAXINE MOUTH WASH 300 ML PACKET SIZE 300 ml. BENEFITS OF USING MOUTH WASH DAILY It helps to fight bacteria and cleans all parts of the mouth. It helps to keep your teeth clean and protect your mouth from infections and diseases. HOW TO USE THE MOUTH WASH? It is preferable to be used twice daily. It could be used with or without water. WHAT IS TOOTH DECAY? It is one of the most popular problems recently. Teeth start to decay and filled with pores. This is caused by the acid produced by the natural bacteria in the mouth (this acid is normally released to help digest food residues in the mouth) but this acid erodes the enamel layer (outer layer that protects the tooth), which leads to pores in the teeth (Dental cavities). SYMPTOMS OF TOOTH DECAY Intermittent or permanent pain in the teeth or gums. The smell of bad breath and the sensation of a non-desirable taste in the mouth. The sensitivity of teeth due to hot or cold drinks. The appearance of pores or caries in the tooth. SOME CAUSES OF TOOTH DECAY Do not take care to clean the teeth periodically. Nature of food or drink like sugars, carbohydrates, honey, and cake. Fizzy and energy drinks. Eating just before bedtime without cleaning your teeth especially in children. Lack of following-up with the dentist. HOW TO AVOID TOOTH DECAY? Eat healthy food (preferably with low sugar). Use toothpaste at least twice a day. It is preferable to use toothpaste after each meal. It is preferable to use of dental floss, which helps to remove food residue between the teeth. Keep using mouthwash as it helps to cleanse and disinfect the mouth and fighting harmful bacteria. Use a toothpaste rich in fluoride to help protect and strengthen the teeth. Keep following up with your dentist for protection, prevention, and advice.
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