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One-Step Pregnancy Test Strip

SAR 10.00
In stock

Having a proper Pregnancy test is very important.

There are times when some test results show a fake result and often women get the wrong impression that they might have conceived.
Your best choice can be the – First Step Pregnancy Test Device.
It is dependable and does not give false alarms that might have you believe that.
It offers accurate results and peace of mind. 
It has only one use pregnancy detection strip – and can be used only once for one test.
Like every other pregnancy kit device :it will have 1 test device and also 1 test dropper & each of which has its functions in the test.
It is mostly advisable to use this on the first day when you feel that you have missed your period, which might be a sign, especially when you know you have had unprotected sex.

How to use:
A dry and clean container must be used for the collection of your first urine sample.
The dropper is provided for the sole purpose of helping you to use it place at least 3 drops of the urine sample in the small aperture like the area that is present and is the basic design of a pregnancy test device.
It is usually marked as an s and is an indicator for you to place your urine sample – only then can the device detect the right results. This is the only way.

Caution & Warnings:
Follow the steps carefully 
Do not use this device in any other way by inserting it into any part of your body for the testing
Do not use any other sample other than your first urine sample ,as it will not detect the right results

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