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Omron Nebulizer Compressor Ne-C28-E

SAR 410.00
In stock

It is a highly efficient nebulizer that combines short inhalation time with efficient medication delivery for treatment of asthma and respiratory disorders.


It is a highly efficient nebulizer that combines short inhalation time with efficient medication delivery, thanks to its powerful compressor and Virtual Valve Technology.


  • Compressor.
  • Air Tube (PVC, 207cm).
  • Nebulising Parts.
  • Inhalation Attachments.
  • Mouthpiece.
  • Adult Mask (PVC).
  • Child Mask (PVC).
  • Nosepiece.
  • Nebuliser Kit.
  • Cap
  • Inhalation Air Inlet.
  • Inhalation Top.
  • Vaporiser Head.
  • Medication Tank.
  • Nozzle.
  • Air Tube Connector.


  • The high efficiency from V.V.T. adapts to your breathing, thus matching your breathing pattern.
  • This technology reduces drug wastage while breathing out and maximizes drug availability when breathing in.
  • this nebulizer kit is made of easy to clean polypropylene without the use of silicon valves which are commonly used in conventional nebulizers.

How to use:

  • Connect the AC adapter to the nebulizer.
  • Add the required prescription and assemble the components.
  • Follow your doctor's or respiratory therapist's directions on drug kind, dosage, and regimen.
  • Clean and disinfect the nebulizer kit, mask, mouthpiece, or optional nosepiece before the first usage, after an extended period of inactivity, or when used by many people.
  • Clean and clean the nebulizer parts on a regular basis.
  • Replace the air filter when necessary.
  • Keep the device and accessories in a clean environment.
    Make sure the parts are properly fastened and that the gadget is cleaned and maintained.

Advice should be known:

  • Do not block the air filter cover.
  • Limit use to 20 minutes at a time, and allow a 40 minute interval before using the device again.
  • When using the device, the main unit may become hot.
  • Do not touch the main unit for other than necessary operation such as turning off the power while nebulizing.
  • Do not leave the compressor on for a long period of time. This couldresult in the compressor overheating or malfunctioning.
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