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Oil Of Ulay Natural White Cream 100Gm

SAR 44.85
In stock

Product Description:

Developed purposefully to nourish the skin and reveal its inner health and radiance, Olay Natural White Glowing Fairness Day Cream is the ideal daytime protection for all skin types.
With SPF24, it effectively blocks out UVA and UVB radiation that may darken and damage your skin.
Its delicate formula based purely on natural ingredients and vitamins contains no chemical bleaches.
Ideal to cover up dark spots, freckles, and sun spots, Olay Natural White Day Cream protects your skin against sun damage and helps maintain its fairness.

Features & Benefits:

•Olay Natural White day cream for radiant and healthy looking skin
•Reduces the visibility of dark spots, freckles and sun spots
•With SPF24 for an effective protection against UV radiation
•Contains only natural ingredients
•Suitable for everyday use
•For all skin types

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