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Mothernest Multivitamin Candy Zinc & Biotin (3Gm) 60 Pcs

SAR 170.20
In stock

Sugar Free Multi Vitamin + Biotin & Zinc Candy Strengthens Hair & Nails. Support healthy skin and growth of hair and nails

 Public health promotion. Vitamin D: strengthens the immune system and helps absorb calcium. Vitamin E: important for healthy and fresh skin as an antioxidant 4- Vitamin B6 Vitamin B12: important for nerves and nervous jazz 6- Iodine: important for the functioning of the thyroid gland 7- Zinc: for healthy hair, skin and immunity 8 - Vitamin B5: contributes to energy production and fat breakdown. Inositol 11- Folic acid: important for growth and helps distribute iron in the body 12- Biotin: for healthy hair, skin and nails 13- Sodium: transmits nerve signals and controls muscle contraction. Delicious & safe soft candy from the age of six years and above No artificial flavors No added sugar.

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